No Diet !


The slogan "No Diet!" ... simply expresses the first of 2 concrete principles that defines my method, the obtained results and the way I live every day.

No diet! slogan born from the fact that following a diet, constantly checking food scale turns out to be yet another commitment between commitments, limiting everyday life.

I've seen a lot of people starting a diet and, despite their strong desire, abandoning it very soon, failing themself.

The statistics is self-explanatory: a diet lasts approximately 5 weeks!

Without diet,with just few food precautions, people with different physical conditions and different objectives were able to achieve great results.

The concreteness of this method is shown in the section "Results"


Remember that change become success only if gettin in shape:

- Improves your muscle tone

- Improves your mood and self-esteem


No Diet!