To achieve a physical and aesthetic change it is important:

- The type of physical activity

- And the method you train yourself

It is useless to just run or believe in all the activities in vogue at the moment, just because they are heavily advertised and inflated on its energy consumption.

The majority of athletes think erroneously that sweating is correlated with the amount of weight loss, and majority of overweight people strongly believe aerobic activity is the most practical for losing weight.

Those are just few examples and reasons that prevent people from achieving the desired objective.

Training methodology should be based exclusively on scientific principles.

Training 45 minutes with my method allow you to:

- Greatly speed up the metabolism.

- Increase muscle tone.

- Achieve the result that many people have already achieved with my trainig methods.

In the section "Results" are present some results obtained with this method.

Ideal workout is created based on a detailed analysis of motivation, physical status and contingent problems of people who wants to join my path .

These workouts are motivating because allow you to achieve progress in a short period.

Just 45 minutes!